Frustating the media frustates the whole nation

The media in its service to the public acts as the government’s watchdog. In most countries where freedom.of speech is under so much restrictions it is the media that becomes the
spokesperson” of the citizens. Unfortunately it is so in most of the African countries as well as worldwide although it is much common in the former. The funny thing is that the “dog” is never allowed to watch much thus its service is curtailed oftenly through threats freebies and even shutting down of press houses. This was observed in Uganda. The recent appeal by Mr. Kimaiyo for the press to spare on what it reveals with relation to the Westgate Attack. Apparently the government feel threatened that its security sources ain’t reliable including its intelligent sources! The terrorists had been presumed to be 15 with 5 killed and 11 also presumed to have perished at the collapse of the building. This was replaced by a factual account by the press that the attackers were only 4! Imagine the degree of fooling here! So I ask was the plead sympathetic or desperate? If it were poetry I think it would be In a sympathetic tone bearing in mind the context of the plead. This is is just an additive to these occurrences.
It is however important to realise that such threats and actions to interfere with the activities of the media not only hinders its progress but also of the entire nation.
Let us get the bigger picture. When the government and its stakeholders hides things or details of occurences from the media, the details are actually being hidden from the public: their people whom they serve. Here is where mistrust ensues and we watch ourselves fall. A house can’t stand if the insiders have mistrust among them. It is morover painful to observe a decades work scrumble in that dirt as well. Someone somewhere is cursing this people and actually in fury now when his or her work to liberate the media is downtrotten and instead of a more valuable information to the public, self interested rubbish is dished out.
The media speaks of the people and for the people. The Heroic definition of Democracy fits here so well: a government of the people by the people and for the people. Thus

the media is a voice of the people by the people and for the people.

Impeding the media actions gives a lot of cover to ills such as corruption, favouritism, misuse of funds, just but to mention a few of the common viles.
Well the government is playing old school here. I pray they remain ignorant of our new media: the internet. Or are they already? Even if they were the contents here circulate at light speed and it is impossible to contr traffic.
For all the common mwananchi with limited access to internet, they should be granted access to a free independent media.
There is fact that is maybe not drilled properly in the government’s brain ideology; the media links you to your people. Having it free alllows you to get individual opinions of the citizens which are more benefitial than having a general manipulated opinion. Do the math.


Poetry; A thriving river within my soul.

Poetry flows within me as it is among men of words and tastes so profound. It has no limits or rules. A boundless field it is to the minds and souls so creative.
Alas! by intuition this virtue thrives in the souls of men and women who by their careful and witty selection of words have their works so beautifully defined.
It’s no wonder I wade in it its streams. Am no wallower in the depths ashallow.
My knees and torso fully deeped, I yern for a time that’ll be fully ermersed in this Paradise.