Did I just wake up or was I woken up?

I always ask myself every morning “Why am I up today?” I shouldn’t even be asking myself that. The question should rather be “Why was I to be up today?” This is why I never woke myself up and I never will. That brings the realisation inquiring of reasoning, if I was to be up then what was I supposed to do when I get up? And who is to determine if all my goals have been attained?


Democracy a fatai of no democracy?

The usual tendency of citizens to vote leaders that end up disappointing them gives me the thought that democracy is its own enemy. The renown definition so crammed in our minds that democracy is a government of the people by the people and by the people defines the extent to which democracy can either harm or benefit us.

Every time we citizens vote we endorse the kind of leadership and governance we would wish to serve us. This therefore calls for individual deliberate consideration on the vision we have for Africa. This kind of vision no matter how enthusiastic we may feel about them, it requires the contribution of our leaders for them to be successfully implemented.

This consideration goes far in preventing our regrets on the kinds of leaders we elect.