Living is knowing.

I have since come to  appreciate the much time has ceaselesly placed us in this critical generation of acknowledging communication as a key element of our being. People rely on communication for survival; a sector from which we fully derive information – the ever unquenchable thirst of man.

For instance we always want to know something about our neighborhoods, organizations, the people we interact with, the mobile phone on purchase list, a dream college, a movie and even the manufacturer of the bread or sugar at our breakfast tables.

The most common need we are familiar with is seeking for directions to a place.  Consider someone asking a fellow for directions verbally while another going to the same venue accesses it through Google Maps.

One may also decide to read product labels to find information about it while another seeks expert advice on the product.

Information as we realize can be sourced through different avenues all together. We have several media: the print media (books, newspapers, magazines); the electronic media (television, radio); the internet and the photographic media (films, photographs).

In such instances, communication provides us with different avenues to seek answers from: the fun of it all. We are ever rich in information as long as we can access all the necessary communication avenues.

Communication also goes far in creating bonds among us humans  and with the environment we live in being that we are social creatures.

Humans are very much dependent on communication. I try to imagine the degree of frustration and depression man would undergo if all the channels of communication were withdrawn.


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