Growing up with Mathematics

I remember my little brother complementing on my math work with nostalgia. There was always a contention between the math signs we used.
Being a class lower, he insisted on me writing the addition sign + wrongly in my multiplication sums where I used * sign. In his reasoning, I had inversed the addition sign. It became interesting whenever he got my book, and rush to our mother, being a primary teacher then; screaming the discormforts. “Mama see how Biko is so stupid to write the plus sign wrongly! He deserves a stroke mother, doesn’t he?” The whole house would then be in a laughter frenzy.
The smart guru would then proudly work to my table and correct the sign at my face! The witty knight gets the crown!
The memory of this moment always make my ribs crack  owing to the fact I ever doubt my answers in a Math Test!


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