What holds my future?

Growing up as a child, so many carreer opportuniyies were displayed before me without even my knowing. Those before me knew, however,  how much following such activities like music, athletics and drama would benefit my future. Probably they did not know as well. Ignorance is the reason for human destruction I believe.
I remember not taking co-curriculum activities seriously because the exposure, I suppose, was limited. I could be nostalgic about my childhood development but I ain’t regreting for not taking part in those activities; I had equally much effort in bookwork that has also in a sense made me accomplish a lot in life. On my side, I was drilled to believe that my life lied in the books and it was only through study that I would be able to realise it. However, having grown up I stand to oppose this notion. Our future lies at our childhood exposures.
We can actually realise our future right from early child trauning. I consider some of my friends that were so talented in music but were never natured. In fact the talent was lost in books. The few who were determined to nature their talents were seen as losers, and we were also made to believe so.
Currently, the individuals have greatly developed themselves; money and influence can legally be there second names. The akward thing is the frequent comments a friend may whisper to you,” You know I shared a class with that athlete who recently won gold and 10M in the London cross-country marathon?” This is envy at display.


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