Communication rates up

Communication can be defined as the process of relaying information to anotehr source. This blog gives a brief insight to the significant role this process has achived in human history.

This is a complex process that is best undestood when it is analysed wth reference to the industrial sectors that it is dépendent. The telecommunication engineers have their own definition and understanding of communication, so do the teachers, journalists and doctors. Every profession defines it in a unique way. The understanding of communication however in each of those professions is fascinating with the fact it plays a very vital role in the key areasof  its application.

The esssence of communication is preruquisite to ignore. The foundations of the world are built upon it. The simplest most contemporary example is when you want something from a friend you communicate to them your need for a favour or a helping hand. They understand that you need help because you communicated about it.

This significance of communication is even evident in our body functionality. We feel pain when pricked with a pin because of the interconnection between the synapses that relay signals thus communicating the feeling (signal) as pain to the Central Nervous System. It is as complex as communication itself. Body physiology explains this process in a more interesting and elaborate way.

Communication rating in terms of significance is not easy. It has grown eminently and it is an “evolving industry.” This is not just in terms of the mind blowing and vast technological innovations in communication gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, computers or satellites.

A key insight in the evolution of communication is by far deeper than this. Insights where communication is used as a tool for diplomacy and problem solving gives the evidence of the much value communication has to the society; nationwide and globally. Theories from Scholars like Socrates during the Medieval Period sentised this significance. It is from these theories that communication has grown from  poetry, music, oratory to the present negotiations between countries and states.

Communication when viewed as a field that unites all the element s of the world together gives a significant insight to the dependence the earth holds to this much despised field. The entire eathl communicates with itself. Every sound and signal made by creatures of the earth sends a signal to another receptive creature. For instance the communication between insects and birds during th mating period. Can one fathom how a gazelle gets a amte and how the sea creatures mate as well? Only organisms of such species understand that.

This is also significant with reference to manipulatio of machie operations in Physics where machines are given instructions to perform tasks, graphs are drawn and verified as a result of the interelation between figures. Moreover In Chemistry where atoms bond comunication network betweenth eatoms is represented in the form of ionic energies and in Biology where body fluids and nerve impuses are transfered and transmitted within the body frameworks communication channel in the form of body organs are vital.

Communication whether viewed in what perspective still gives significance to the world. However a small section of an entire proce It is the reponsibilty of every individual to value this field that is incorporated in every other field.


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